Hi, I’m Valentina and I make art and run creative projects.

I originally started out as a musician and I’ve been working in the creative industries for twenty years.

I’ve studied music and visual arts, completed a Master of Arts in Cultural Management and in 2016 I was awarded Surface Designer of the Year as a graduate of the International School of Colour and Design.

I’m now a contemporary printmaking artist and surface designer. As an urban city dweller, my work is directly influenced by the built heritage, architectural character and repetitive pattern that surrounds me daily. Conceptually, my work revolves around contemporary interpretations of culture and emotional responses to society.

My current  work focuses on the deep emotional addiction we have to consumerist behavior. The notion that convenience is more important than ethics in disposable culture weighs heavily in the creation of my artwork.

I consciously choose to work with discarded waste objects as the starting point of each piece. I carefully print these objects onto a predetermined mathematical selection of coloured paper, using a combination of relief printing techniques. The prints are then cut or torn, representing the subconscious destruction of beauty. The paper fragments are then reassembled and manipulated into controlled chaos.

When I’m not in the studio I keep busy working on all sorts of interesting projects. Say hi and connect with me via my Linkedin profile.