As a metropolitan based artist and surface designer I find visual inspiration for my work all around me. I find beauty in urban decay, built heritage, architectural character and the random juxtaposition of shapes and objects within the city landscape.

I also have a fascination with refuse and detritus, of which our city generates plenty. Our society’s excessive consumerism and waste generation is a big influence on my work. I am both fascinated and appalled by the myriad of complex plastic packaging and waste forced upon us daily.

What started out as a passing interest in exploring the characteristics of waste objects has developed into a practice deeply entrenched in plastic packaging of all shapes and sizes. In my detailed examination of various forms of packaging I have discovered that much of it is quite complex and visually intriguing.

My current work examines our throw away culture one piece at a time and is physically created from this ideology. I consciously choose to work with specific discarded waste objects as the starting point of each piece. I carefully print these objects onto a predetermined mathematical selection of coloured paper, using a combination of relief printing techniques. The prints are then cut or torn, representing the subconscious destruction of beauty. The paper fragments are then reassembled and manipulated into controlled chaos.

I strive to make art that is not only conceptually strong but also visually satisfying. I take pride in beautiful mark making and creating complex patterned works of art that captivate the observer.